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Different Types of Eyeliners

The best way to define your eyes is by applying eyeliner. Whether you’re wearing any eyeshadow or not, applying eyeliner will make you look like your eyes look bigger. Here are some different types of eyeliners which I feel is suitable for a professional makeup artist as well as personal use.

Read on to know the best types of eyeliners suitable for your eyes by Makeup Artist Cherry Deol, Founder Makeup by cherry!

1. Liquid Eyeliners

Let’s be real here, the liquid liners are messy! But they are super pigmented. If you buy the right product from the right brand, the liner will be super pigmented and will glide on easily, but to get that fine thin line, it would be difficult for a non-makeup person to apply it. However, there is a trick that you can do with liquid eyeliners to make your normal everyday liner more pigmented, and that is to first apply your eyeliner that you’re comfortable using, and on top of that, you can apply your liquid liner. This will make the colour more pigmented and stand out more!

2. Felt Tip Liner (I call them markers!)

Felt tip liners, also called as pens/markers are the easiest tools for applying your eyeliner. Because applying an eyeliner requires precision, this pen-style eyeliner is perfect if you have shaky hands. Be slow and trace out the outer liner before filling in space. You can easily get a winged liner with this one, you simply have to stamp it on the outer of your eye and there you go!

3. Gel Eyeliner

A professional makeup artist mostly uses a gel eyeliner because they have fine brushes that make the precise lines. Gel eyeliners are one of the best kind of eyeliner that you can use, it creates amazingly. Find yourself the thinnest brush and you’re good to go!

4. Kohl Pencil Eyeliner

Kohl Pencils are made from powders, pigments and waxes, come in various colour options and we can use them as an eyeliner to apply a smudged liner look as well as they are generally used to create a smoked out look. Make sure that the kohl pencil that you buy should be pigmented, otherwise it will fade away with time after you apply it. Some times a particular brand kohl pencil might not suit you so choose the best brand of kohl pencil only!

5. Kajal

As we are all familiar with Kajal pencils, they are mainly used in the water line to give a sultry look. Most importantly, the right kajal will keep the eyes cool and clean. Make sure you try a few brands before buying the perfect kajal for everyday use because some times kajal doesn’t suit the eyes and they tend to get watery. Hence it’s recommended to try out a few different brands before you finalise the right one.

These were the 5 main different types of eyeliners that you can use, they come in mostly all the colours. So start creating those beautiful eyes!

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